Nicholas Machine & Tool, Inc.
is a job shop specializing in
components for a wide variety
of equipment builders. Since
1968 we have manufactured
components for:
Air Handlers  Fire Trucks  Printing Presses
High Speed Mills  & Routers Front Loaders Research Test Apparatus
Baking Equipment  High Speed Mills & Routers Spiral Coolers
Coil Cars  Levelers & Slitters Stamping Presses
Conveyors  Molding Presses  Steel Drawing  & Staightening
Cryogenic Pumps  Molds (Compression  &  Equip.
Die Cast Molds Injection)
Defense  Equip. Packaging Equipment
Elevators Paper Processing Equipment

We machine, weld or fabricate items from materials ranging from stainless steel to glass filled phenolic to Teflon to powdered metal. A sample of OEM and replacement parts which we regularly manufacture include:
Arbors Bushings Guards  Pulleys Shear Blades
Assemblies Gates Guides Rollers Spargers
Brackets Gears  Piston Rods Shafts Spindles

If you need parts or repairs when time is critical,
Nicholas Machine & Tool is here here to help you.
Just 5 minutes north of  O'Hare Airports.